Course Tour

9 spectacular holes to play!

Hole 1

The first hole begins with a great view of the Chesapeake Bay, the Boathouse and the Harbor. The hole is relatively straight forward but best played up the left side. The green is well bunkered on the right and left back.

Hole 2

Hole 2 runs north along Skipper's Row. One of the longer Par 4's with a fairway sloping to the right. With the road also on the right, a straight drive is a must! The green is guarded by a deep bunker again on the right side of the green.

Hole 3

A short Par 3 with a devilish pond fronting the green. The green itself has a "punch bowl" design which helps balls hit a little off line find there way onto the green.

Hole 4

A tight driving hole with the fairway tilting to the left. Pine trees guard both sides of the fairway but as one of the larger greens it makes the approach shots a little easier! Again bunkers on three sides of the green add a little difficulty.

Hole 5

Another turn to the north, Hole 5 plays along Red House Cove. A small green sloped steeply from the back to the front, makes the approach shots and putting difficult. Once you are on the green, the view of Red House Cove is spectacular!.

Hole 6

Our second Par 3 is of medium length. The green is divided into two sections by a ridge running through the middle. The difficulty of the tee shot is which side of the green is the hole and on which side does your ball land!

Hole 7

The "Knoll" of knolls as a famed architect once stated with this template hole. A short Par 4 measuring less than 300 yards remains difficult because of the elevation needed to land a shot on a very small and angled green. Adding to the difficulty both physically and psychologically are the very, very deep bunkers on both sides and the back of the green.

Hole 8

Whether you play this hole as a Par 5 or Par 4, number 8 remains a great hole. Trees to the right and out of bounds on the left make driving accuracy a premium. Fortunately the largest green on the course waits for the approach.

Hole 9

A classic CB Macdonald/Seth Raynor "Alps" template hole. A wide fairway to hit the first shot but the green and flag stick can only be seen if your tee shot rests on the right side of the fairway. Once the climb is made the view of the Chesapeake Bay from the green again makes your effort seem well worth it!